9:16 a.m. on 12/21/13

Are we playing ball in the morning? Jim texted me. It was our standard Saturday morning thing to do. Play racquetball and be home in time to do whatever it was that was planned for that Saturday.

No! We’re sleeping in! was my reply. This was no standard Saturday. This was the first day of Christmas Break, the first day of two weeks off from school and work (school for my daughters, one in the same for me). But, I realize every year, not the first day off of 14 for most people. Most can be home on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, perhaps the eves of the two, as well, but not much more. And some will work right through the holiday.

So I stayed up a bit later than usual Friday night. Not only was I planning on sleeping in, but it had been an emotionally charged day and falling asleep as usual was difficult:

–taking my second graders to the Nutcracker, many of whom had never been to live theater, and watching their enthralled faces

–throwing a goodbye party for my student teacher, satisfied that he is prepared to go out into the world and be a fine educator of young children

opening the letter from Rotary Youth Exchange that said my daughter would spend her junior year of high school in France

The last, of course, had me in quite a state and it was impossible for me to function normally for hours after reading it. I was still wound up long past bedtime.

Regardless, I was awake at 4:20 a.m. on Saturday, almost on the dot of my standard 4:30 a.m. wake up time. It was the perfect opportunity to snuggle in bed with my dog and do some reading and writing.

Jim was awake,  too, at his house and he noticed my presence online.

How’s that sleeping in thing treating ya?

I’m going back to sleep here in a bit I texted back. And I did. I was drowsy again by 5:30. Reading and writing first thing in the morning will do that to me.

And–I wasn’t really expecting this–I didn’t wake up again until 9:20 a.m! I rarely sleep that late. I know I was emotionally drained, but still! I slept right through the 9:16 moment in time. 9.16

When I awoke and realized what time it was, that I had slept several hours longer than I normally do, I was grateful. Grateful for the breaks that my job affords me, grateful for the time to regroup and renew my energy. Thankful for the opportunity to catch up in other areas of my life.

Time off. Time to relax. Time to do whatever it is we feel like doing. The opportunity to break out of our routine. We all need it. It’s healing, it’s refreshing, it’s a necessity for discovering new things about ourselves.

My wish, then, is that this same opportunity can be granted to everyone. Whether it’s an hour or two, a day, or several, I hope you all get some time to yourself, or extra time with a project or loved ones or whatever it is you want to devote those precious moments to. Time is a gift, the most precious gift.

Just be sure to stop, breathe, take it all in, appreciate, and perhaps mark a special moment in time.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynette d'Arty-Cross
    Dec 22, 2013 @ 09:30:13

    Glad you were able to relax a bit. I am doing the same after an extremely busy couple of months.


  2. theclocktowersunset
    Dec 22, 2013 @ 21:18:11

    I was gonna say, sorry I missed it, I was asleep. But strangely, how ironically apropos. Thank you for wishing me to share in a few extra hours of blissful slumber.


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