The Fun 50 Year

Before I toss out my 2016 calendar, I want to document my “fun 50” year. I turned 50 shortly after New Years and decided to book out my year with lots of fun events and weekends. Having just turned 51, it’s time to reflect on this past amazing year.


Hawaii 5-0 birthday party on the Grand Mesa (skiing, snow shoeing, 10,000 feet elevation, fires, food, drink, decorations, all with 35 friends)

Feed lunch to everyone at work

Bangs Canyon 30k (19 miles of snowy trails)

3rd annual Glenwood Springs Night tri (run in the canyon, swim laps at the hot springs pool, eat at the Village Inn)

Camp on the Mesa with Jim

Cross country skiing and snow shoeing in Ridgway with Butch and Rochelle


Camp in Ouray with Amy for her 18th birthday

Camp at Rabbit Valley with Jim

Camp and mountain bike at Klondike Bluffs north with Jim


Camp at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico with Jim

Climb Mt. Garfield

Trip to Riverton to visit family

Camp in Moab with Amy for her senior year trip

Rappel Morning Glory Arch


Widowmaker 9-mile trail race

Highline Lake night time mountain biking

Three-day canyoneering class


Camp at Highline Lake with Jim and teammates

18 Hours of Fruita mountain bike race

Camp in Montrose with Rochelle

Black Canyon Ascent

Garfield Grumble

Canyoneer the Black Hole of the White Canyon in Utah


Ragnar team trail race through the night at Snowmass

Camp at Highline Lake with Jim

Camp at Bryce Canyon with Mary Jo

Bryce Canyon trail half marathon

Ride horses through Bryce Canyon with Mary Jo

Camp on the Mesa with Rochelle

Camp at Turkey Flats with Rochelle and other friends

Turkey Flats 9-mile trail race


Camp in Gunnison with Jim

4th of July 8-mile race Gothic to Crested Butte

Climb Mt. Crested Butte

Mountain bike in Crested Butte

Crag Crest 10-mile trail race

Trip to New York City with Amy

Central Park night bike tour

Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge bike tour

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

911 Memorial

Book of Mormon show

Rockefeller Center

Radio City Spectacular show

Camp at Ridgway

Mountain bike the RAT trails with Julie


Camp in Ouray with Jim and friends

Mt. Sneffles half marathon

Camp in Lake City with friends

Climb Wetterhorn Peak

Climb Handies Peak

Climb Mt. Garfield


Camp in Jackson, Wyoming with Amy and family

The Hole Half Marathon in Jackson

Desert Edge team triathlon with Elizabeth

Desert Edge individual triathlon

Camp on the Mesa with Jim

Camp at Crawford Reservoir


North Rim 20k at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Visit Addy in Denver

Trip to Wyoming

Hike to search for wood sprites (wood carvings) with Terrie and Sandy

Run to Whitewater (18-mile trail run)

Camp at Rabbit Valley with Jim

Camp at Dewey Bridge (Moab) with Rochelle

The Other Half half marathon

Camp and mountain bike at Klondike Bluffs north with Jim


Camp in Moab with Rochelle

Maob trail half marathon

Groovy 10k with friends

Climb Mt. Garfield

Start 40 days of exercise (I only did 35; stuff happens)


Winter Sun Party Bus to Moab

Winter Sun 10k in Moab

Cross country ski – lots

Snowmobiling on the Grand Mesa with Amy, Adam, and Jim

Run in downtown Christmas lights with friends

Christmas Eve morning Serpents Trail run

Group snow shoe on West Bench

Trip to Wyoming


New Years/51st birthday party on the Mesa (skiing, snow shoeing, rock hunting, fires, food, drink, friends)

What a year!

Yes, I do have a job. I’m a teacher. I did all of this around my teaching days.

I’m assuming my year of being 51 will be just as exciting and look quite similar.

Life is fun. Live it!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. warburk2013
    Jan 06, 2017 @ 00:40:14

    Inspiring and explains why we haven’t seen too many recent posts on your blog! Not complaining at all, just noticing. A thought though: did your previous writing lead to your really action-packed year? Keep up the wonderful life.


    • Anonymous
      Jan 06, 2017 @ 07:00:37

      Oh, I just go in phases. The last year has been way more reading (and adventuring) than writing. I wish I could write every day, but as you know, reality bites. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve missed my Word Press interactions.


  2. Billybuc
    Jan 06, 2017 @ 07:50:11

    Good for you! Have a blast, and a belated Happy Birthday!


  3. betunada
    Jan 21, 2017 @ 12:36:48

    oh, you young kid! so busy! so much outdoor physical activity! (i’ll either die OR get out of the habit of computer solitaire …). feel bad I missed N Rim Bleack Canyawn this past year. & I chickened-out on Garfield.
    I suppose that if I were to chronicle 2016 it’d be largely about THE LAST YEAR GAINFULLY EMPLOYED, then the other things. replacing one set of bad habits with another set (e.g., gettin’ to bed late and, of course, sleepin’ in late). drinkin’ (just a bit) more beer. well, you get it. see ya’ soon ~


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