The Other Side

On the other side of hurt is healing

On the other side of darkness is discovery

On the other side of trial is triumph

On the other side of grief is growth

On the other side of pain is possibility

On the other side of loss are lessons

On the other side of wounds is wisdom

On the other side of failure is fortitude

On the other side of crying is courage

On the other side of mistakes is maturity

Never give up and you will never be denied

No matter what the challenges forge ahead to the other side.Cory Booker

Written by Cory Booker, former Mayor of Newark, current U.S. Senator, and POET. I love this man’s poetry and decided to share one of my favorites.

Wash My Hands? What For?

It was a real treat to help my mom start a blog of her own over Thanksgiving. After we established it, I ran to the grocery store for a few items, and by the time I got back, she had her first post written! She’s a great storyteller. I hope you’ll check her out, introduce yourself as a WordPress friend of mine, and maybe even follow her. 🙂

She’s at


Cookie Crumbs

Kids raised in Wyoming — especially in the country — have at their disposal an opportunity to nurture and display livestock. Younger children do this in 4-H, and teens can go a step farther and join FFA. Mine had 4-H project animals: market steers, market hogs, horses, and dogs. County Fair marked the end of the project each year, and my kids lived for the annual August highlight.

Our family learned early on that the “open” categories for competition sometimes suited our youth better than the 4-H version. Thus it was that each summer my daughters entered a variety of cookies into open competition rather than deal with the year-long tedium of taking a 4-H baking project.

My girls had market hogs at the County Fair — penned in the hog barn in little paddocks filled with sawdust.  During Fair Week, they spent each morning and each evening at the barn caring for…

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