11:27 a.m. on 11/27/13

This is a post and a proposal. The post comes first and, after that, a proposal for you. You can read about my idea below as well as here.


We’re at the counter of a convenience store in a small town on our way north to visit my family for Thanksgiving, paying for drinks and road trip snacks.

There are the usual distractions–candy, toys, magazines.

“Mama, will you buy me a Cosmo?” As in Cosmopolitan magazine.

“No. I’m not paying for a magazine for you.” And especially not a magazine famous for its sex advice!

“Mom, it’s reading material. Material for the car.”

“The last magazine I bought you on a road trip was tossed aside after 12 minutes. 12 minutes. That’s not long enough for four bucks.”

“But mom, I need to know how to sex up my holiday.” My seventeen-year old. She’s brazen, too loud in public, but funny. Still, I Cosmowonder why she said that, where she got that idea. Then I notice the cover of the magazine. There it is, the main article – “Sex up Your Holiday.”


“You’re evil, mom.” Pause. The evil comment doesn’t sway me. “Fine. I’ll pay for it myself.” She tosses the Cosmo on the counter next to our other items.

“I’m not paying for that.”

“You won’t even pay for it? I’ll pay you back. I have money in the car.”

The woman behind the counter stifles a laugh and I relax, knowing she’s on my side.

“Nope. Go get your money.”

As soon as my daughter exits, the clerk bursts out laughing. “Yeah, right! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that exact same thing. ‘I’ll pay you back.'”

In comes the daughter with her wallet and she pays for the magazine. “I can’t believe how evil you are, mom.” She smiles, grabs her magazine and says, as she walks out, “I am so not going to share the advice on how to sex up your holiday.”


11.27There are many notable conversations that occur on a road trip, but I wrote about this one because, when we got back into the car to continue on with our trip, it was 11:29, which means we were at the counter in the convenience store at 11:27. And it just so happened to be November 27, the day before Thanksgiving, 11/27. And it got me thinking, wondering, what was everyone else doing at 11:27 a.m. on 11/27? If it was something notable, it could be noted. It should be noted. Notable happenings could be noted, in blog format, all in one spot, a spot where we could share our moments, the same moment from the same day.

Moments are significant, paramount, often essential to other upcoming important moments. A moment is a minute in time, here for 60 seconds, then gone, gone forever. Lost. Unless, of course, it is documented.

So I’m establishing a common place for our moments to come together. My moments. Your moments. Moments that are significant to us, moments that we feel might matter to others. Moments that need to be shared with others.

To learn more and join in on the fun, please click on the A Moment in Time page on my blog. Can’t wait to read about your precious moments!