Recognition and Kudos and a Big Thank You

I’ve read a lot of good blogs lately. Good because they got me thinking. Good because they answered some questions I didn’t even know I had. Good because they made me laugh or cry. Or both.

Recognition and kudos and a big thank you to:

Andrea Read America for 8 Great Literary, Book Nerd, and Storytelling Podcasts. I’ve wanted to learn more about podcasts and how to get started listening to them. While her blog didn’t go into the bare basics that I needed, it inspired me to finally get it figured out. Plus, she was helpful in answering my questions and steering me in the right direction. Since starting to blog, I’ve struggled with balancing my time between reading, writing, and exercise. After reading her blog, I feel like I can perhaps combine exercise with the intake of information.

The Belle Jar for When Getting Better Is No Longer An Option. My daughter has struggled a lot lately with her depression. I’ve written a couple posts about it and have been overwhelmed with the support I’ve gotten from family, local friends, online friends, and the blogging community. The Clocktower Sunset referred me to this particular post at The Belle Jar and, wow, what she wrote really resonates with my current understanding of what depression is and what it means to have it. And so beautifully written to boot.

We were also referred to The Bloggess, specifically her post where she talks about how depression lies. My daughter and I watched the video on this post together and, like almost everything we hear or read about this condition, it furthered our understanding.

And speaking of depression, Nerd in the Brain, who writes all sorts of fun nerdy stuff, was kind enough, with The Spectacular Blog Award: A String of Pearls, to help spread the understanding about this frustrating disorder by bringing more attention and traffic to my posts.

On a happier note, while I was in the middle of a 12-day road trip with my teenage daughters, Daniel at National Parks [and More] somehow found my blog and casually mentioned that, if possible, we should try to incorporate Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada into our trip. I looked him up and found 40 Places to See in the Western United States That Will Blow Your Mind and because of his obvious  knowledge of amazingly cool places, I trusted him and we went to Valley of Fire. Now, I just need to write about the day we spent there.

So, thank you all, and keep up the good work!

With love,

Your fellow blogger,