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The alarm. Grunt, groan, complain, moan?

No! Celebrate!

Appreciate. Rejoice. Commemorate.

A comfortable bed. Home. Silence.

Shelter. Safety. Peace.

Another day. Opportunity. Enthusiasm.

Exercise. Good health. Good times.

A hot shower. Plumbing. Products.

Breakfast. Choices. Nutrition.

Daughters. Sharing space. Sharing lives.

Work. Meaningful work. Creativity.

Children. Precious faces. Malleable minds.

Lessons to impart. Lessons to learn.

Literacy. Books. Pencils and paper.

Communication. Community. Commitment.

Dog. Wag. Unconditional love.

Family. Regrouping. Sharing our days.

Activities. Opportunity. Growth.

Him. Us. Easy.

Memories. Hopes. Dreams.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times