Ten Minutes: A Commitment

Just Jot January, a blogging event I recently came across.

The Coffee Break Screenwriter: Writing Your Script Ten Minutes at a Time, the title of the book my mom got me for Christmas.

I’m thinking these are signs, that I’m supposed to try to get something down every day, no matter how hectic things get, no matter how stressed I might feel on some days.Ten Minutes

I’m thinking ten minutes of daily writing will be good for me, especially when I feel stretched too thin, like I’ve already booked 1600 minutes of the 1440 in a day.

Am I writing a screenplay? No. I’m not sure what a screenplay is.

Do I have a story to tell? Yes.

Do I assume they’re probably very similar and that reading this book and doing the ten-minute writing exercises will apply to the writing of my story? Yes.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked closely at this book yet. I have no idea if I can get beyond the first few pages. If it doesn’t apply to what I’m hoping to write then I’ll abandon the project. Or, I may decide that my story is not worthy of being written. Or, that I do not have the time, skill, or commitment necessary to make it happen. These are things that I need to figure out anyway.

Time will tell. For now, just ten minutes a day. One day at a time.