Race Morning

I awoke the morning of the race (I call it a race, but I think of it and treat it as just another run) cozy between two down comforters. The temperature was to be 29 overnight and there was no reason for it to be anything but that in the camper. An alarm was set, but that’s not what woke me. The dogs danced around the linoleum floor, antsy to get outside. And pre-race music was already cranked up and making its way across the river.

Well holy moly me oh my

You’re the apple of my eye

Girl I’ve never loved one like you

Man o man you’re my best friend

I scream it to the nothingness

There ain’t nothing that I need  (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Home)

We were camped just past Dewey Bridge, which is where The Other Half half-marathon starts. Most runners were in town, at the other end of the canyon, and awoke much earlier than I to take a shuttle bus to the start of the run. Camping near the start eliminates that. Plus, for me, this weekend is just as much about the camping as it is about the race.