Haiku of Wisdom

Wisdom is to give

Laughing gas to the mother

Not just the daughter.


No mother would choose

To sit there, in her right mind,

Listening, watching.


The doctor pokes, prods

At the giant hidden teeth

Just out of his sight.


The daughter groans, laughs

Her head still, but legs writhing,

Numb mouth, hearing ears.


The mother, undrugged,

Counts extracted wisdom teeth,

Writhes herself, then sighs.


This was written for The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!

“In this week’s creative writing challenge, we’ll step toward verse to try our hand at writing haikus. Haikus are a great way to warm up to your writing projects. The short form, combined with simple line and syllable constraints, helps you to work your mind in a new way, as you embrace brevity in a bid to create vivid imagery.”