A Piece of Memoir (2)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife was good at that point and things had fallen into place in such a way that I wasn’t afraid of the future. Though, of course, I’d been in this place before in life—when everything seemed to be following a sensible path—and knew it wasn’t a guarantee for anything. I was far enough out now, and healed not just emotionally, but healthier, too, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I could look back at the time when it wasn’t so good, when it was downright frightening, and realize that my current situation, my outlook—my own amazing view—was because my trail in life hadn’t been straight, hadn’t continued to be as obvious and well-marked as when I first set out. Not only did it become crooked and winding, making it more challenging the further I traveled, but I took a few wrong turns, stepped off course, sometimes, I’m afraid, intentionally. I climbed more than was necessary, walked in circles, backtracked, laid down more miles than I thought I would or ever could. It was easy to see now, as I looked back, where I had made a wrong turn. But it was those wrong turns, the uncertainty, the strength required to press on, the requisite problem solving, and even the necessity to blaze some new paths of my own, that brought me to where I am now. And where I am is a better place than where I set out for. I like what I have discovered, what I now understand, and where I stand.

Dying On My Street

I was teaching school

Just teaching school

A woman was dying


On my street

I was caught up

In a moment

A moment of life

Of learning and laughing


Unaware at that moment

That it was the last

The last for

The woman who was dying


Alone on my street

A ditch

A ditch in a front yard

On my street

Five houses down

Is where she was


And I

I was commenting

Just commenting on

What a beautiful fall day

It was

While the woman was dying


On my street.