In the Vicinity

Being a teacher, I am free, on these summer days, to go and be and do (practically) whatever I want and I often find myself at the outdoor pool at Lincoln Park. 

I have my routine down. I wear my flip-flops and a trisuit and pack a small bag: towel, cap, goggles, water bottle, hat, book, phone, five bucks. The bike ride there, despite the 100 degree heat, is refreshing, the wind chill actually cooling me a bit as I pedal.

My swimming workout is routine, too, which isn’t good. I need to break out of it, surprise my muscles a bit. Egh, maybe I’ll change it up after the lazy days of summer are over. For now, I swim 500 yards of freestyle, hop out and read until the heat gets to me, swim a 500 of mixed breaststroke and backstroke, read for a while more, and then swim another 500 freestyle. Add in the bike ride and it’s plenty for this warmish afternoon.


Amy roves in the shallow end.

Addy patrols the deep end.

Today when I get in, I notice a woman in the lane next to me, More