The Girl Down the Street

We had a girl down the street.

We got to know this girl almost immediately upon moving into our new home. My daughters met her at the school bus stop and then Addy saw her later that morning in her high school photography class. A quick friendship between the three ensued.

A girl down the street is a special type of friend. You may not call her your best friend, but she’s your most often friend, due to proximity and being privy to what your family is up to. She’s not always the first choice on who to hang out with, but she’s always there, a reliable fallback. She’s enthusiastic, polite, and appreciative of being included. And you enjoy her company, so much so that you can accept her presence for a long period of time. The girl down the street is always welcome in your home; in fact, when she enters, you holler her name, like “Norm!” on Cheers. You feed her and expect her to rinse her dirty dishes. You tuck her in and check on her in the morning. She becomes another daughter, a sister, a somewhat permanent fixture.

Until she moves. On unclear grounds. More