Just Another Morning

I see him there just in time

Just in time to stop a few feet short

Lying there in front of the parking bumper

Of the space into which I just pulled.

He is on his side

On his side in the fetal position

His face turned just his face toward the morning sun

Smiling slightly in the warmth of it all.

The sun glints on the beard brown not gray

Small round wire frames against smooth skin

A hat a plaid flannel shirt clean jeans

And I walk away and into the store.

I eavesdrop as I get a drink to go

He was there when she opened this morning

Sleeping where he lay now by my car

A dozen others listen pay comment go.

She had checked on him shook him

Unable to wake him she called the police

That was nearly three hours ago

No sign of them and still he lies there.

Asleep passed out unconscious

In need of medical attention no one knows

And then the siren approaching

The fire truck pulling up beside my car.

Out I walk drink in hand just another morning

But I stop and watch them do their job

Needing to know that it is not a medical situation

That the man I almost hit is not sick injured dead.

Wake up they yell a few feet away

Then wake up wake up with clapping near his face

Wake up or we’ll take you to the hospital

He stirs sits squints considers his surroundings.

I walk away and into my car start my engine

My engine which is too loud near this man this human

Who I almost didn’t see in time and then

Then I drive to work just another morning.