Remember Y2K?

Remember Y2K?

Seems it was just a few months ago

That I was shopping

For extra toilet paper

That’s all I got

To prepare for the end of the world

Or, rather, the end of everything

Dependent on computers

Some thought the rollover

Wouldn’t happen

That we’d be forever stuck on 1999

Or thrown back to 01/01/1000

But time marched on

As it always does

And my babies are

No longer two and three

But rather 16 and 17

And I’ve got things

Besides extra toilet paper

On my mind

Remember Y2K?


The Other Side

On the other side of hurt is healing

On the other side of darkness is discovery

On the other side of trial is triumph

On the other side of grief is growth

On the other side of pain is possibility

On the other side of loss are lessons

On the other side of wounds is wisdom

On the other side of failure is fortitude

On the other side of crying is courage

On the other side of mistakes is maturity

Never give up and you will never be denied

No matter what the challenges forge ahead to the other side.Cory Booker

Written by Cory Booker, former Mayor of Newark, current U.S. Senator, and POET. I love this man’s poetry and decided to share one of my favorites.

The Irony of It All


at work

kinda cold

not like your cold

been golfing a bunch

vacation coming up

prolly not gonna do much

nan isnt getting around any better

hows things w you


at home

noticed u have been abnormally quiet

cept fer yer creative writing

which needs no commending

crazy warm for November

u shood b making money w that

hey you’re getting in the middle of my poem



but not like your warm


been writing a bunch

poetry becomes u


weekend coming up

going camping, hiking, running, riding

you are?

all in one trip

jim’s got some time after months of working every day

and that’s how things are with me


well they sound very good

happiness becomes u as well

Maybe I’ll combine all of our mixed up lines and see how the poem turns out

do that

but dont blame me when it sux

It’s poetry, it can’t suck.

I will type up the poem after you go away, so that you don’t ruin it with your interjections.

Although your interjections made it what it will be.

How ironic is that??




Guess I kicked you out.

you are irony in prose

yes u did

i hate standing in the way of


then move it

move along now

Where I am Me


Across the threshold

Through the door

Back to reality.

I’ve been away

For just a day

To a place

Where I am me.

No obligations

Nor expectations


And agenda free.

Here I am mom,

Teacher, colleague,

Companion, neighbor,


But what am I

If none of these?


I contend.


So I step

Through this door

Back to reality.

Back to the place

Where I am known

Where I am known

As me.