The Relentless Follower

I hesitate, but not for long, not longer than a second really.

Then I do it. I click on the + and there I am, relentlessly following yet another blogger.

(And to think that, for the majority of my life, I considered myself a leader, not a follower.)

I don’t go searching for blogs to follow. I’ve never clicked on Recommended Blogs.

What I do do, though, is check out the blogs of anyone who shows evidence of visiting my blog. If they “liked” a post or left a comment, then I in turn go to their blog and see what they’re writing about. That’s what the blogging community is all about.

But here’s the trouble–almost every blog I visit is respectable, unique in both appearance and content. Worthy. Worthy of my time and attention. And thus I click on the +.

And I am following yet another blog and that means there will be even more reading material coming into my life on a daily basis.

When I follow a blog, I follow it. Wholeheartedly. I don’t want to miss any posts. I want to read what is being written, ponder it, and try to make a comment or get involved in the conversation. I want to nurture the community and build relationships.

There have been blogs that I’ve followed and then un-followed once I realized that they weren’t my style, weren’t on a topic that interested me. So far I haven’t un-followed any blog just because I feel I’m following too many blogs. If it’s a good blog, I want to recognize that by becoming a faithful follower.

Currently I am following (only?) 61 blogs, but last week at this time it was 54. What is there, something like 500,000,000 WordPress blogs? I’m in so much trouble.Image

There’s only so much time in the day. Only so much time for reading, only so much time for writing. Every time I decide to follow another blogger, I am cutting into my writing time because I have to devote more of my daily WordPress time to reading. Weird how that works. I started blogging to write, not to read more, but one cannot happen without the other. Reciprocity. I am learning from these other blogs, not just content, but how to become a better writer. It would be foolish to not keep up with my reading.

So, as you can see, or as you may very well know, it’s a dilemma. What is your experience? How many blogs are you following? How do you balance reading and writing time?