I Taught My Dog to Say YES… in a Different Language

All dogs can say yes, right? Ask your dog a question in a cheery voice and he’ll answer yes. How? By cocking his head, perking up his ears, wagging his tail, and perhaps dancing around (depending on what you ask).

Trooper saying yes in the traditional way.

Trooper saying YES in the standard doggie way.

My dog can do all those things. He can say YES in the standard doggie way. But he can also say YES another way.

He shakes. I’m not talking he shakes hands. He shakes. He shakes his entire body, just like he does when he gets out of the river or out of the shower.

It’s like he learned to say YES in another language.

We’re working on other tricks, too. Just for the fun of it. Like how to stretch, yawn, burp, sneeze, and scratch on command. And fart. Okay, not fart.

Here’s how it works, in case you want to have a little fun with your dog, too.